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Burmese Python, The Giant Snake Of Florida

Burmese Python, The Giant Snake Of Florida

Have you ever thought of a giant snake in your life? Evil is represented with snakes throughout history. Of all the animals, snakes are the most creepy ones. Since there are many Hollywood movies that have snake movies, we consider the snakes to be an evil creature. Those which harm humans who come in their path.

But this is not true as all kinds of snakes be it small or big try to escape from humans 99% of the time. So what about those giant snakes? Whenever we hear about the giant snake we become curious about it. But the truth is giant snakes are not something that we should be scared of. Instead, we should respect and admire them and also protect them.

Burmese Python, The Giant Snake Of Florida
Burmese Python, The Giant Snake Of Florida

Know About Size And Behavior Of The Burmese Python: The Giant Snake

The Burmese python is one of the giant snakes among the reptile owners. As they have skin that is beautifully patterned, they have a rapid growth rate. But these snakes are not taken care of properly and are often left into the wild. Due to this reason, those who handle this giant snake are often attacked which are at times deadly.

These Burmese Pythons are the inhabitants of South East Asia’s jungles and grassy marshes. These are one of the giant snakes on earth. They can reach up to 23 feet in length and weigh about 200 pounds. With their circumference being as big as the telephone pole.

When these snakes are young they spend most of their time on trees. But as they grow big their size and weight make it difficult for them to climb the trees and mainly dwell on the ground. These Burmese Pythons are exceptionally good at swimming. They are capable to stay under the water for about 30 minutes before they face the air.

The Diet And Hunting Of The Giant Snake Burmese Python:

The Burmese Python is carnivores and survives mainly on small mammals and birds. They have a poor vision. So to catch their prey they use their chemical receptors that are present in their tongues along with the heat sensors that are there along their jaws.

They pressurize their prey to kill them. That is to say that these snakes get hold of their victims using their sharp teeth. They then coil their body around its prey and then squeeze it until the victim suffocates. With the stretchy ligaments in jaws help them to swallow their food wholly.

Burmese Python, The Giant Snake Of Florida
Burmese Python, The Giant Snake Of Florida

The Reproduction And Conservation Of The Burmese Python:

The Burmese Python is lonely animals. You will see them together only during the spring mating time. The female Burmese Python is capable of laying up to 100 eggs. They incubate these eggs for around two to three months. They continuously contract or shiver their muscles so that the eggs are warm.

These animals are threatened because of their habitat depletion. In the pet trade, the Burmese Python is in continuous demand. Also, they are hunted for their skin and flesh. Due to these reasons, the Burmese Python has become an endangered species.

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