King Cobra: The Royal Snake And Its Regal Facts -

King Cobra: The Royal Snake And Its Regal Facts

King Cobra: The Royal Snake And Its Regal Facts

King cobra is one among the most revered and feared snakes in this entire world. It is mostly renowned for a deadly bite and imposing size. But along with these, there are many other qualities of King cobra that are really interesting. It has a distinctive voice, it comes with a name which obscures its real identity, and remarkable nesting habits.

King Cobra And Regal Facts

Let’s look into some of the amazing facts about King cobra.

King Cobra: The Royal Snake And Its Regal Facts

Longest Among All The Venomous Snakes

This snake is native to Southeast Asia and South Asia usually grows in the range of 10-13 feet long. But there is evidence of this snake growing until 18 feet long. There was a King cobra present in London Zoo in the 20th century and it was measuring 18 feet and 9 inches long.

They Are Not Real Cobras

Yes, technically speaking these King Cobras are not real cobras. They never belonged to the true classification of cobras. Cobras belong to a family called Naja. But King Cobra belongs to Ophiophagus and it is the sole member here. There are many genetic pieces of evidence that reported that King Cobras actually relate to the mambas present in sub-Saharan Africa rather resembling cobras.

The Growl Of King Cobra

When they are highly threatened, they intimidate spread the hood and they begin to look bigger. Apart from that, they raise their heads as high as they can and in most cases, they go till 6 feet from the ground. But this is not the only skill they have for threatening. For intimidating, they also make use of sounds. When they are completely threatened, they just take a deep breath and exhale rapidly.

This results in the forcing of the air via tracheal diverticula present in their respiratory tract. This is used as a resonating chamber and those results in sound. This is compared to the growl of a German shepherd. But you can imagine that this growl is much more standard hiss.

Direct Attacks To The Nervous System

It is true that king cobras venom is not that potent it is less strong when compared to that of smaller snakes. But when we consider the toxic chemicals present quantity always takes over quality. Just in a single bite, this King Cobra is capable of injecting at least 7 milliliters of venom. This is almost equal to one and a half tablespoon and it can inject this quantity into the victim’s body all at once.

Each type of venom can act differently on the human body. The majority of the vipers target circulatory system and they always aim to destroy the red blood cells as they spread. But the venom of this cobra acts completely different when compared to other cobras. It inhibits the main communication that happens between nerve cells. This results in extreme dizziness and blurred visions as well. In the majority of the cases, the victim gets completely paralyzed.

King Cobra: The Royal Snake And Its Regal Facts
King Cobra: The Royal Snake And Its Regal Facts

Eat Other Snakes

The diet varies in cobras but most of them depend on rodents, birds, lizards, and even fish. But when it comes to King Cobra, it mostly eats serpents. Of course, the genus name that is Ophiophagus also comes with the same meaning- snake eater. Almost all the Cobras are similar opportunity eaters.

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