Petting A King Snake For Your Home -

Petting A King Snake For Your Home

Petting A King Snake For Your Home

What about having a king snake as a pet at your home? There are a lot of various kinds of snakes out there today that can be found at specialty pet stores. However, if you have never owned a snake before, you may wish to buy a King snake into consideration.

There are various sub-species that fall into these snakes, meaning you have a lot of various patterns and colors to choose from. Additionally, King snakes are generally easy to take care of and completely non-aggressive.

Petting A King Snake For Your Home
Petting A King Snake For Your Home

Trait Of A King Snake

One interesting trait of Kingsnakes would be that they eat other kinds of snakes, as well as rodents, lizards, birds, and amphibians. Naturally, as a King snake owner, you wouldn’t want to feed other kinds of snakes to your Kingsnake.

However, this wouldn’t just be very expensive on your part, but it may possibly be dangerous for your snake, too. Still, when in the wilderness, Kingsnakes actually feed on snakes which are sometimes bigger than they are.

As a matter of fact, it wouldn’t be uncommon for several of them to eat wild rattlesnakes on a regular basis. So, you must never place several Kingsnakes in a single aquarium since they would definitely eat one another eventually.


Since Kingsnakes are able to grow up to seven feet long, it would be essential to choose a terrarium big enough for them to actually grow and rest comfortably in. When they are still young, ten-gallon tanks might be enough.

Full-grown Kingsnakes, however, would need sixty-gallon tanks, in which they can stretch and move around since King snakes happen to be very active pets.

Colour And Pattern Of King Snake

Kingsnakes are very interesting creatures for various reasons. First of all, the patterns and colors on several of these snakes look similar to those of coral snakes, through coral snakes are extremely venomous and have red and yellow color bands.

As a matter of fact, there is only one true difference when it comes to the appearance of King snakes and coral snakes with the same colors and that would be the fact that Kingsnakes have black lines that touch their red bands.

Petting A King Snake For Your Home
Petting A King Snake For Your Home

Choosing The Cage For Your Pet Snake

When choosing your King snake’s terrarium, it would also be highly essential to choose one which can be tightly secured. Such snakes are known to escape from their cages and can even squeeze through exceedingly small places. Therefore, spending a bit more money on terrariums with latched tops could be a smart move.

It would be important to take note that the overall needs of different varieties of King snakes could differ. So, you need to make sure that you do your research on certain kinds of snakes that you want to buy to ensure that its home is set up properly and that you are giving it the greatest chances of living a healthy and long life.

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